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Words with Jesse from Porsches

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Words with Jesse from Porsches

Self-described ‘electronic/pop’ duo Porsches have not stopped for the past couple of months, making people around the country dance with their synth-y, euphoric, dreamy beats.

They’ve hit up Banquet at the World Bar, Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide then back in Sydney again and even dropped in at Big Sound Festival. We had a chat with Jesse from the Sydney-based group on all things Porsches, upcoming projects and mechanical sharks.

How did the single Blood to a Shark come about? What was your creative process behind it?

You know what, that one was a bit different because I wrote this one with another guy called Xavier Dunn and we kind of wrote it for fun. Before we knew it we were like, “Let’s just make it into a Porsches track”, so we got Carl who sings, to re-sing the track. So it was originally just a track for something else and then we made it more Porsches.

The two singles [Blood to a Shark and Horses] are quite different. Do you want to keep making new beats and sounds, keep people on their toes?

I think distinctly just because Carl’s falsetto is stylistically “Porsches”, as long as that vocal is always front and center… if you heard a different vocalist you’d be like “who the hell is this”, it could be absolutely anyone. So I think as long as the linchpin is the vocals, I’d love to experiment. I’m definitely not interested in trying to replicate another ‘Horses’ or another ‘Blood to a Shark’. Even the stuff I’m writing now, I just want to create something new that people are into. Just trying to be more current and relevant.

Can I just ask, whose idea was it for the video clip for Blood to a Shark?

We kind of just did it as a laugh and thought it would be funny. It’s ‘Jaws’ footage, and it’s quite funny if you watch it. The shark stuff is just so unrealistic and old school, I love it! It’s definitely got some magic about it.

And of course with that followed the t-shirts photo-shopped onto Frank Ocean’s body.

HAHAHA yeah! Loving Frank Ocean so much right now!






I’m not going to lie, I did get confused for a sec. I was like “What! Frank Ocean knows Porsches?!”

Oh yeah, that’s basically a simulator online where you can choose any celebrity, upload their photo and edit it. People give it the double look though, they’re like “is that real?” It’s definitely not real but it’s pretty funny.

So, you’re writing new stuff now, any albums or EPs in the making?

Well actually now I kind of said to the team, “Let’s spend the next 6 months just writing a whole bunch of new content”, just so whatever we put out next is ultimately the best thing. We’ve got demos that we’ve been sitting on the last year and unfinished stuff, and things are great but I just want to put something out where people are like “BOOM, that’s fucking amazing”, so now I’m just dedicated to writing. Even if there’s no content for a while,  just to make sure we get it absolutely right. I definitely want to take a more psychedelic or dreamy vibe with the new stuff.

What was it like after Horses started to get a lot of attention?

It was like the biggest blessing and curse in disguise. We got signed and toured all over Australia and got heaps of attention on radio stations and high rotation on Triple j and FBi. It’s good because you get on the map but the reverse is that people always compare anything new you do to that one song. So it’s a blessing and a curse because stylistically we’ve kinda moved forward from there but people still always want to hear the same song when you release another thing. It’s such a tune and it’s awesome but trying to recreate it… I think you just couldn’t. We’ve tried to recreate it and the magic of it, you just can’t do it. I’ve got a new project that is getting released this month, it’s all pretty crazy now and it’s all probably come from ‘Horses’.

Jesse says he is inspired by all things electronic and all things Australian. He gives massive props to artists like Tkay, Flume (who he’d written Sleepless for) and Tame Impala. Says they’re “killing it” and that it’s a great time to be an Aussie artist, “if you’re driven you’ll get there”. The level of dance music coming out of Aust. is world class right now so because of this and only so many spots on the radio, Jessie really feels the competition. He couldn’t stress enough how important having a unique sound is.
“If you sound like Slumberjack, but you’re not Slumberjack, why wouldn’t someone just listen to Slumberjack over you?”
Fair point. An ethos he carries with him in the studio whilst making fun, funky beats that are out of the circle.

What’s yours and Carl’s origin story? How did Porsches become Porsches?

I’d done stuff before like the flume song and just general writing, and Carl used to have his own project called CarlFox that was his thing. He was interning at the recording studio that I was going to and I asked everyone at the studio if they could just help me mix a track and no one had time for me except for him, who was an intern funnily enough. So he was mixing stuff for me and we weren’t taking it very seriously, we just put it online and that kind of went gang busters and got on the radio and so on. So just completely by accident.

Do you guys work well together? How are you guys similar and how are you different?

We’re actually complete opposites and we don’t work very well at all together. I’m like over the top and just want to work every day, whereas he’s more mellow and happy to chill out. So completely opposite in that regard. But we make it work eventually, I mean at the end of the day we’ve got to make it work, it’s like if you’ve got a baby with someone you just have to make it work.

Jesse is in the midst of his own project set to drop real soon, he let us know low key that it’ll feature different vocalists on each track, as opposed to Porsches staple vocals. It’ll be uptempo and fun with some noteworthy drops. He also says that in the future with Porsches, he’d like to start introducing some obscure artists that aren’t exclusively electronic…
“People for instance who might be doing like a rock and roll band or completely different style and then using that singer in the project and just kind of giving it to an audience in a different way, you know imagine like Lisa Mitchell brought a trap/Major Lazer vibe… even maybe a folk singer,  just not what you would expect basically.” 

What can we expect from you guys in the future?

I think just really writing and nailing it so the next touch point is almost perfect. There’s no such thing as perfect but like, as good as it can be.

And in the mean time I guess more parties?

Yeah exactly, I mean which is not a bad thing. I feel lucky that we can throw them and people engage with the brand, but yeah definitely more parties in the mean time.