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Ahead of of Select Gallery #002 we sat down with local Sydney producer and all round good dude Cabu, to get to know more about him and what makes him tick.

Cabu’s diverse approach to music production and remixing is what sets him apart from other producers.
From his Lofi beat tapes to his more groovy house beats, Cabu is shaping up as producer who wants to do it all, and do very well at that.


What’s been happening music-wise lately in the world of CABU?

Man I’m enjoying the ride, I mean with The Beat Tape 3 dropping and past releases along with future releases with majestic casual, it’s really been great and I’m super grateful for that too.


We think you’re a very versatile artist. Your production can range from groovy house beats to authentic hip hop and soul, yet it all sounds like Cabu! What do you think gives your music the Cabu touch that we recognise?

Ohh thanks man, that’s something I really pride myself on, and I can say that my versatility was a result of forcing myself out a creative block by switching up the style and technically in terms of having that signature touch I think it’s knowing what works with you, and I guess I’ve found something that works with me and I use in a lot of my tracks.


Are there any particular people or experiences in your life that have inspired you to make music?

I Had a family vacation to the philippines at the end of 2013 to visit some family back there and I finally got to meet some of my cousins who were embedded into the underground music scene which I only experienced through social media and it was so inspiring to see such a supportive community of like minded people where they founded a small music collective youngliquidgang where they made music and posted it soundcloud where they all supported each other, so from there they inspired me to start making beats and the rest is history, so shout outs to No Rome and Moon Mask (formerly known as Ulzzang pistol) for supporting me in the early days.


Up until now, your career has been largely based on your internet popularity. Do you have any plans to start gigging more often? And if so, would you limit yourself to djing or could you see yourself as a live act?

Absolutely, I’ve been getting a lot of love from Europe and the states and that’s great, but I would love to get the same amount of love from my hometown, so yeah the plan is to start gigging more and more and try to get into the sydney music scene and hopefully gain an organic presence here in Sydney and Australia.


Your Soundcloud has been getting some traction of late! Both your Joe Hertz remix AND your collab with Akacia, ‘Gold’ have clocked well over a million listens. How does it feel to have your tracks hit the milli?

Yeah man it’s really been crazy, because that was the goal, to get millions of plays and get on platforms I could only wish to be on with majestic casual, it feels amazing and I feel like I’ve gained a new perspective on the future and what I want to accomplish now, so yeah it really exciting and I’m really looking forward to the future.


Who are some artists that you’d love to collab with?

Kaytranada, I feel like kaytra and I would make some fire house tracks with obscure South American soul samples from the 70s.

Ta-ku and/or Wafia, we would make some epic rnb feels.

Sam Gellaitry – I just wanna get in a studio with that dude and watch him work.

Lunice – we gonna do TNGHT 2, “MRNNG”

Feki – we actually have a collab in the works maybe shhhhh


What can we expect from your set at at “St. O’Donnell’s Select Gallery #002” ?

Expect some chill dance vibes, hope y’all have fun with it.


You can catch CABU at “St. O’Donnell’s Select Gallery #002” presented by Young Henry’s and Stolen Spirits on the 27th of August.


For more information and tickets :  


Select Gallery #002




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