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Review : Migration By Bonobo

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Review : Migration By Bonobo

Bonobo drops ‘Migration’, a sophisticated 6th studio album inspired by the evolution of people and spaces. 

I felt immense anticipation as the singles from Bonobo’s new album ‘Migration’ dropped in the lead up to its release.I mean, not Frank Ocean level; but considering I had only discovered the work of Simon Green aka Bonobo relatively recently, I was really feeling it. On first listen, to put it simply – I was blown away. I often find with electronic-focused albums it can take a few listens to get on board, but with ‘Migration’, the impact was instant.

Since then, I’ve listened a bunch more times, and still find it to be an emotive, well-rounded album, which fits together to create an inspiring overall listening experience. Each track is varied enough and unique in its vibe to hold the listeners interest, but maintains consistent sound and imagery throughout. With stunning, glistening and cinematic highs, to moments of atmospheric melancholy, ‘Migration’ is as appropriate for lying in a dark room as getting deep on the dance floor – a true accomplishment.


Bonobo describes the theme of migration as ‘the study of people and spaces,” expanding to say he finds it to be; “interesting how one person will take an influence from one part of the world and move with that influence and effect another part of the world. Over time, the identities of places evolve.”This is reflected in the album through the palpable movement in each track, often building and subsiding, reflecting on the highs and lows of life and creating a sense of space. Another extension of this is the video for ‘No Reason’ feat. Nick Murphy, which visually explores the themes of space in an incredible way.

Check it out here :

The use of piano and Bonobo’s ever-interesting percussion are a continuing theme throughout, with the additions of brass, strings, and well-chosen feature vocalists contributing to the overall polish of the album.
Bonobo seems to have mastered the art of using vocal samples, skillfully building tracks ‘Grains’, ‘Kerala’ and ‘Figures’, using the samples more as an texture building instrument than a main focus point.

To me, ‘Migration’ is a body of work that will be remembered for years to come. Beautiful, emotive and intricate music migrating to a bigger audience – we can only hope for a visit on Australian shores soon.